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We Buy Carolina Homes

We are have bought and sold well over 100 houses in North Carolina directly from homeowners, over the past 2 years. We buy houses all over NC, for flips and rentals. Our guarantee is to bring you our best offer that works for us both! Fill in the form to get your offer started.

100% FREE and never any obligation to accept.

We Buy Properties No Matter Your Reason For Selling

Our Ultimate Goal

At We Buy Carolina Homes, the goal is providing you with a fast close for your house that will make you relieved you chose us. We want you to walk away feeling good about your decision of who you sold to. We are ready to buy your house now, so you can move on. Let us know a little about the property you’d like to sell fast.

No matter the reason for selling, we will make you a great offer! You may have received other offers but we are fast, real, and ready. We will not lock you in and try to drop the price on you come closing day. We are not desperate and certainly are not greedy. We want to know you choose us because you trust we will meet your expectations, and recommend us to your friends and family. With all the ibuyers, and franchise options, we want you to choose us because YOU ARE HAPPY with how we handle our business and how we treat each other.

We do not try to make a huge profit off every single house we buy. Instead we rather buy many houses, and make a small profit per house. All while we build our local reputation with good people doing good business. This business model ensures lower costs and risks for us, and higher offers for you!

We Buy Properties In Any Condition



In this generation full of scams and fake news, it is really hard to find people whom you can fully trust. In order to be able to spot the real person with the best intention, strive to always be informed, be skeptical, and extra curious. You can do this by having a checklist in mind of the things you should be able to find in a person who’s credible. Those things should include transparency and integrity. Also prepare a list of questions that you want answers to, about the process.

You will know if the people you work with are being honest and transparent, by how they act and talk. It will naturally show in the way they act towards you and their team as a whole. It will also show in what they say or how they answer your inquiries. You should be able to recall their words and actions, and if these are consistent throughout the process — from the first contact of the homeowner to signing the contract, and to closing. We will be more than glad to answer any and all questions you have through the process.

Our Pledge

We commit ourselves to the service of our clients and will endeavor by all means to be fair. We promise to never take advantage of any situation of our clients. It is our belief that each of our clients should be given the proper information and honest guidance they seek. We will do our best to be there for you and to help you reach your goals. Together, we will find the best solution to your real estate issues and concerns with honesty and compassion. Let us all be respectful and understanding of each other, as this is how each person should be treated.